June 11, 2018


Mr. Aurelio Ruiz, born on the sunny island of Aruba is owner of Kelant-Rose which produces Aruba’s most delightful all natural, multi-purpose use hot sauces gourmet named Hot Delight. There are two types of hot sauces, Hot Delight Papaya ( mild hot ) and Hot Delight Madam ( very hot ). Both sauces are home made and all natural. No preservatives are added which make these home-made hot sauces even more unique and delicious. The Hot Delight gourmet products always have been very popular with the Arubian people and also have become indispensable within the international cuisine of the numerous hotels and many specialty restaurants serving local, European, Oriental and International cuisine. Kelant-Rose can truly say that the products are a HOT item.

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Papaya and the highly acclaimed “Madam Jeanette” hot peppers are essential natural ingredients that are part of an age-long family recipe which the grandfather of Mr. Aurelio Ruiz invented in the early colonial years. Subsequently he passed on his home-made gourmet recipe secrets to Aurelio’s hardworking father, who then passed his formula to Aurelio Ruiz. During those early days the very tasteful aromatic recipe was reserved only for family use. In 1985, Aruba was at the onset of a difficult economic period, due to the closing of the nation’s primary source of income: the Esso Oil Refinery. During the economic depression at that time many family and friends encouraged Aurelio Ruiz to market his unique product in order to introduce a new taste in the Arubian cuisine. But it was a difficult decision, because he did not have enough quantity of Papaya and “Madam Jeanette” to start with. Aurelio decided to plant the necessary main products himself. He took some courses in horticulture and agriculture to ensure the continuity, quality and quantity of these products.

Now all the plants in his home horticulture fields are biologically treated against pests. These biological treatments were invented by himself. This control method was approved by the Governmental Department of Agriculture. They NEVER use chemical pesticides. All the ingredients of the “Hot Delight Papaya & Hot Delight Madam” products are natural and made in such a manner that no preservatives are needed.

HOT DELIGHT’s Sauces make excellent additions to your favorite wing sauce, chili, chop suey, spaghetti, breakfast sandwiches, eggs, etc. and have a perfect level of heat, which makes these hot sauces an excellent addition to the widest variety of foods and favorite recipes!

The Papaya Hot Delight Sauce as well as  the Madam Hot Delight Sauce truly make excellent additions to a wide variety of foods, and to use in your favorite recipes, including pork, rice, chicken, sausage, scallops, shrimp, swordfish, etc.  They are also excellent when combined with your favorite mayonnaise and added to a cheeseburger, BLT, or when added to your favorite thinly sliced fresh vegetables, and meat of choice such as steak, pork, or chicken, and then rolled up in filo dough and lightly fried or baked until golden brown.  Both hot sauces are also terrific when used with ham steak, on hamburgers, hot dogs, or added to your favorite pesto sauce! In other words, Hotdelight Papaya & Hotdelight Madam are high quality gourmet hotsauces that can be used for all purposes.

Nowadays these products have national acclaim and are popularly used in most homes in Aruba. Numerous tourists are buying these products and almost every day they send congratulations via e-mail. This gives Kelant-Rose more spirit to continue with Aruba’s unique and most delightful gourmet.

The company name Kelant-Rose is derived from the names of Aurelio’s three children: Kelvin, Anthony and Rose-Ann. The label was designed with the help of his children and spouse Rosalinda Ruiz.